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Tutorial: Geneva Bonnet with Pintucks

Niina Kivelä

Geneva Bonnet with pintucks.jpg

Blogger: Kate Golden

Geneva Bonnet with Pintucks

Following the directions for the lined bonnet in the Geneva Bonnet Pattern:

When cutting pattern pieces, cut one lined bonnet piece, and one that is 2.25” longer along the short side. For example, if your first piece is 5 ½ x 12, your second will be 7 ¾ x 12.  This tutorial will add 4 pintucks to the front side of the bonnet.  If you would like more, add an additional ½ “ when cutting this piece. 

For the longer bonnet piece, use a removable marking tool to mark a line 1 ¼ “ from the front edge down the long side. 

Pic 1.jpg

Mark 3 additional lines 1” apart.

Pic 2.jpg

Wrong sides together, fold along the first line you marked.  I used a pen that removes when heated, so I finger pressed along the line.  Depending on how you marked this line, you could also press with an iron.

Pic 3.jpg

Sew a straight line ¼ “ in from this edge.

Repeat folding the fabric along the other 3 lines, wrong sides together, and then sewing with a ¼ “ seam allowance. 

Pic 4.jpg

Press the pintucks forward toward the front of the bonnet.

Pic 5.jpg

Baste the pintucks down along the side seams.

Follow the remainder of the directions as instructed in the lined bonnet tutorial.

Shown here the Geneva Bonnet with pintucks paired with the Avonlea Romper.