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Heat-Ford Sew-a-Long Day 3

Niina Kivelä

Blogger: Elise Ribeira


Here we are on day three of the Heart-Ford sew-a-long! Today is all about constructing the bodice of the dress. Depending on what version you are doing, the construction will be different. If you are including a collar, your bodice will have a lining. Neck binding will be used on all other versions.

Photo 06.jpg

If you are new to sewing knits or want to freshen up on your knit-sewing skills, check out the blog post filled with great tips here.

An important part of this step is attaching elastic to your bodice to stabilize your bodice. Make sure to use the wide zig zag stitch, take your time when attaching, and don’t worry if you need to try again if it doesn’t work out the first time. That wide zig zag stitch makes it easy to unpick quickly.

Photo 07.jpg

With your bodice all ready to go, we are prepared for tomorrow when we will construct the heart pockets and prep the skirt.

Photo 08.jpg

Don’t forget to post minimum of one progress photo and one final photo in the albums in the LLK Sewing Group, Sew-a-Long photo album.