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Lahaina Sew Along - Day 2

Niina Kivelä

Sew Along Host: Tina Spieker

Lahaina Sew Along Day 2

Today we are assembling the bodice and adding the optional arm flutters. If you haven’t gotten your Lahaina pattern yet, there is still time!

Photo #3.jpg

If adding the optional arm flutters, assemble the bodice according to the pattern directions. Stop before adding the arm bands. You will use the chart below to cut out your arm flutters.


Next fold the flutters in half, right sides together and sew at the short end. Finish the seam.

Photo #4.jpg

Sew a gathering stitch around the flutter. 

Photo #5.jpg

Place the flutter over the arm opening, right sides together, line up the seams. Gather the flutter to fit the opening, baste in place.

Photo #6.jpg

Continue with the bias as instructed in the pattern. The flutter will be sandwiched between.

Photo #7.jpg

Flip right sides out and top stitch

Photo #8.jpg
Photo #9.jpg

Don’t forget to upload a photo to the progress photo album in the Facebook Group

We will see you back here tomorrow for some more pattern alterations!