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Lahaina Sew Along - Day 1

Niina Kivelä

Photo #1.jpg

Sew Along Host: Tina Spieker

Lahaina Sew Along Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the Lahaina Sew Along!!! My name is Tina and I am so excited to be here with you this week! The Lahaina dress pattern will be a staple in your littles (or bigs) summer wardrobe this year for sure. My daughter already has 3 and there are no signs of me slowing down production. 

This pattern walks you through how to make a single or double ruffle dress. But this week we are going to also show you how to create a Tunic length or Maxi Length option. As well as some adorable ruffles around the arms! So who’s excited to get started!

Today we will start by picking out your fabric, printing and assembling your pattern and then finally cutting out your pattern. You may want to just cut out the bodice pieces for now. As we go along we will be giving measurements and instructions for making the Tunic, Maxi and arm flutters!

Photo #2.jpg

If you haven’t purchased Lahaina yet, be sure to pick it up while it’s on sale through Tuesday April 24th. Make sure to take at least one picture of your progress during the sew along and one final photo of your completed Lahaina in order to upload them to the album created in the Facebook Group in order to enter to the Lahaina Sew Along Giveaway. The winner will receive 5 Little Lizard King Patterns of their choice!