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Lucerne Pintuck Bodice Sew Along Day 2

Niina Kivelä

Sew Along Host: Jessica Dukes Vaughn

Lucerne Sew Along - Day 2

Today we will be assembling our pattern pieces and cutting out the fabric! So if you haven't purchased the Lucerne pattern yet, now it is the time!


When you are finished cutting, you should have 2 front side bodice pieces as mirror images (2 main), 4 back bodice pieces as two mirror images sets (2 main, 2 lining) and 1 front bodice lining from the pieces provided. You will also need to cut out the paper pattern piece for the center panel. Choose between horizontal or chevron. However, do not cut this piece of fabric yet. Just keep this pattern piece nearby.

The rest of the pieces will be cut from the cutting charts. You will need to cut a piece of fabric for the center bodice piece. This will be cut as a rectangle so we can make our pintucks on it. Refer to the Pintuck cutting chart and cut 1 Pintuck center bodice piece from the cutting chart (choose between horizontal and chevron pintucks). Choose what skirt option (or romper, for baby) and cut the additional pieces needed.

Tomorrow we will be constructing the Pintuck!! I’ll see you then!