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Savannah: A Versatile Short for Summer




Savannah: A Versatile Short for Summer

Cassie Banks

Hello's Cassie Banks.  I've had so much fun sewing up various versions of the Savannah shorts over the past month!  When Jane asked me to pretest these, I loved the simplicity, the speed with which I could sew them up and the options I could envision for this pattern.  I've sewn up several versions and wanted to share with you a few fun options for this simple but versatile pattern! 

Version 1:  A sporty, casual look

For this sporty, casual look, that my daughter lives in all summer, I chose a lightweight polyester blend fabric.  The lighter weight of the fabric made it a tiny bit tricky to work with, but the end result was worth it!  I used the Road Trip Racerback top hack for boys (found here on our blog) to make a fitted sporty top to match. 

The best part about this outfit is, that after photos, she kept it on because she loves it so much! 

Version 2: Pajamas

The Savannah shorts are also perfect summer, pajama shorts!  I added a ruffle to make these Savannah's perfect for PJs.  Don't these just make you want to lounge about?  For this top, I used the Road Trip Racerback with a gathered back tutorial (a free tutorial on our website) for a looser and more relaxed fit. 

Version 3: Boy's Boxer's or Pajama shorts

I'm always looking for a good excuse to sew for my son.  It seems that all the projects I make time for are for my daughter.  So, when I realized that the Savannah shorts were actually perfect boy's boxers, I was super excited!  My 4 year old picked a "Darth Vader" themed cotton for his boxer shorts and I made a simple modification to achieve the boxer waistband look. 

First, I folded the waistband down by 1/4 inch and then again by 3/4 inch, as if I were making a casing.  However, I didn't sew around the fold to close it. 

Then, I took 1/2" elastic, measured to the size on the chart and sewed the ends together with a 1/2" inch seam allowance.  Next, I matched the back seam with the middle back of the shorts and divided the elastic in half and then into quarters marking with pins.  


I matched the elastic to the quarter points of the shorts waist.  Using a stretch stitch, I sewed the elastic to the shorts, stretching the elastic as I went.  I sewed the first seam 3/8 inch from the top of the waistband.  I then sewed a second line of stitching 1/4 inch below that.  It created the perfect waistband for boy shorts!

Here they are finished! My son is super excited about his new boxer PJ bottoms and I felt good about having sewn something for him! 

I hope that my versions of the Savannah shorts have helped you dream up several projects for the Savannah shorts!