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Peggy Sue Sew Along Day 1

Niina Kivelä

Guest blogger Natalie Hidalgo. 

Day 1

Welcome to day one of the Peggy Sue sew along.  Today is going to busy! Here is what you need to do:

-      Purchase the Peggy Sue pattern here.

-      Download the inseam pocket pattern here.

Choose which option you are going to make.

Simple or Fancy 

There is NOT a measurement chart for Peggy Sue. If you are familiar with LLK patterns, then choose the size you typically make with LLk.  If you are not familiar with LLK, I would go down one size from what your child wears in store bought clothing.  This pattern runs a little big.  

Choosing fabric- You are going to want a medium-weight cotton for your main fabric.  

*Designer Tip: When choosing a fabric for the lining there are several options such as, broadcloth, light-weight cotton and kona cotton.  Kona cotton, in my opinion, is the easiest to work with.  Yes, it is a little more pricey, but it is less likely to snag in your machine.  

My fabric comes from

For my simple version, I have chosen

SAL Day 1 pic 3

For my fancy version, I have chosen

SAL day 1 pic 4

Sewing Notions: The pattern calls for elastic cord.  I am not the biggest fan of elastic cord, simply because, it can come loose.  I have tried many different methods to keep it in place and have not found one to be highly effective.  With that being said, we are trading it in for buttons.  You will need two 1-inch buttons.  

Optional:  Decorative trim for your bib and fray check.   

Make sure to wash your fabrics, before cutting and sewing.  This prevents shrinkage after you have created your masterpiece. 

Let’s cut up!!!

-Cut your pattern pieces out and tape them together.  When you cut out your back bodice piece, keep in mind that you will be adding an additional half inch to straight end of the back bodice only.  

-Cut your back bodice (remember to add a half inch to EACH of the back bodice pieces

SAL day 1 pic 5

Cut- front bodice, pockets, skirt, bib, and bib ruffle out, based on the chart.  

-If you are creating a ruffle for your skirt, you will need to cut this piece later, because it will depend on the circumference of your skirt.

- When it comes to the center sash, double the length and then subtract a quarter of an inch.  For instance if the chart says 2 x 12, cut 3.75 x 12. This is a simple little cheat that I use with many other patterns that require a center sash. We will get to the cheat on days 2 and 3. 

Simple Bodice Pieces: 

SAL day 1 pic 6

Bib Bodice Pieces:

SAL day 1 pic 7

There are two reasons to add the bottom ruffle, either to add length in the future to get a longer wear from it OR to add now.  If you want to add the ruffle now, you will need to subtract the length of the ruffle from the length of the skirt.  For ruffle length, I suggest no more than 3 – 4 inches.  So if my skirt is 20 x 41, I would cut it at 16x 41 and then my ruffle will be 4 inches long and be the width of the fabric.  The number of pieces you need will depend on how full you want your ruffle. We will discuss this on day 4. 

This concludes Day One of the Peggy Sue SAL.  I can’t wait to see the photos of your fabric choices in the café. Don’t forget to post one of your in progress pictures in the Little Lizard King  Sewing Cafe, Peggy Sue Sew Along Photo Album, in order to qualify for the fabric prize from Threads and Stitches.

Looking forward to tomorrow!!!