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Magnolia Sew Along Day 4

Jana Harcus

Yay! We are all back together again.  The remainder of the instructions and sew along days will be the same for both the lined and unlined bodices.  



Today we will be sewing and hemming the skirt.  To get started, grab your two skirt pieces. Sew the sides together following the pattern instructions. After the sides are sewn, I like to hem my skirt before attaching to the bodice.


The girl’s magnolia is a circle skirt.  Maybe it’s just me, but I have always found circle skirts to be a little cumbersome to hem, especially one out of knit fabric. Then, I was introduced to wash away hem tape.  It was a game changer! This great little invention is tape that holds the hem in place, designed to be sewn over, and disintegrates when wet.  It is not the same as iron on hem tape.  That stuff is ironed on and can gum up your machine when sewn over. So, make sure you are using the correct kind.  While I love wash away hem tape for circle skirts,  I also use it on the women’s version because it helps create a nice clean hem.

To use the tape, attach it right at the hemline on the wrong side of the fabric.  Peel away the paper strip revealing the other sticky side.  Fold over the fabric. The hem is now “taped” in place.  Sew the hem as you normally would. I used a honeycomb stitch on my machine for a more decorative hem. You can use a stretch stitch or zig zag.  The hem may feel a little stiff, but just get it wet with a spray of water and it will be more flowy.  After a complete wash cycle it will be completely “washed away” and you will have a beautiful hem.

If you are making the women’s version, gather the skirt following the pattern instructions. If you are making the girl’s version, you are done!



That’s it for today. Tomorrow we will finish everything up by adding clear elastic to the bodice and attaching the skirt.


Head over to our Facebook group and share your pictures! Your magnolia is almost complete and I can’t wait to see it!