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{Tutorial} How to Sew French-Seamed Pockets




{Tutorial} How to Sew French-Seamed Pockets

Kari Steiger

I have a quick and easy tutorial today that will leave the inside of your garment nice and tidy, even after adding pockets!  I think I love pockets as much as my girls, but I am NOT a fan of serging around those curves.  As I was sewing the Leiden High Low Top, I decided to take pictures along the way to share with you!

Step 1:  Once you have your pockets attached on the skirt sides (per the tutorial), place your front skirt and back skirt WRONG sides together.  Reduce your seam allowance to 1/4".  Sew along the side seam, pivot around the pocket, and continue down the remainder of the side seam.

Step 2: Trim seam allowance down to 1/8".  Be sure to clip into the pocket corners as well (not shown).

Step 3: Turn fabric inside out so RIGHT sides are now touching.  Using your fingers, gently roll the seam to the outer edge.  Press well.  Sew along the outer edge with 1/4" seam allowance to fully enclose the first seam.

Step 4: Press pocket/side seam toward front skirt.  Repeat with other pocket/side.  

That's it!  Now you have nice and tidy pockets!