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{Tutorial} How to Sew the Perfect Corners on Best Dressed Girl




{Tutorial} How to Sew the Perfect Corners on Best Dressed Girl

Kari Steiger

I have had this tutorial mulling around my head for forever and I'm fairly certain I have promised it to multiple people.   When I got the chance to sew it up in these gorgeous fabrics, I knew I had to make it happen!  The fabrics are part of the Simple Life Lawn collection by Monaluna, available at Hawthorne Threads.   The prints I chose are: Hydrangea Lawn in Indigo (skirt fabric and underarm ties), Herringbone Lawn in Warm Red (bodice sides, ruffles, and cap sleeves), and Solid Lawn in Warm White (bodice center) This fabric is SO dreamy.  I seriously need the rest of the collection.  (Check the bottom for a fun Hawthorne Threads Giveaway!!)

SO, without further ado, let's learn how to sew the perfect corners on the Best Dressed Girl bodice.

This method deviates from the original tutorial during the early steps only.  Once your bodice is lined, you can pick back up in the regular pattern.  Before we begin, cut out all of your pieces.  

Step 1: Grab your two front center bodice pieces (1 main, 1 lining).  Match them up right sides together (RST).  Sew along the top edge.  Turn right side out, press, and topstitch along the top edge (if desired).  Set aside.

Step 2: Repeat this process with the back bodice center pieces, but also sew down the center back.  Please make sure you have a mirror image set.  After you have sewn them, clip the the seam allowance close to the corners so they will lay nicely once you turn it right side out.  Turn right side out, press and topstitch sewn edges (if desired).

Step 3: Sew your side bodice pieces together at the shoulder.  Be certain you are sewing a back bodice side to a front bodice side -- the back sides are narrower.  Press the seam open.  Repeat with other main fabric and the two sets of lining sides. Add optional ruffles or center/underarm ties at this time per the pattern instructions.

Step 4: Lay one bodice side of your main fabric, right side up.  Position your center pieces, aligning the raw edges on side and bottoms, right sides together.  Double check you have your front center piece positioned with your front bodice sides and the back center piece is positioned with your back side piecess.  Pin or baste along the edge.  Lay your lining on top, sandwiching your center pieces in the middle.  Sew to attach.  Pull main and lining away from center piece so wrong sides are touching.  Press well.  If you have a ruffle, press that into place on top of the side bodice.

Step 5: Repeat process with the other side of the bodice.  After pressing, you may topstitch along the edge of bodice sides (nearest the center piece).  If you have added a ruffle, topstitching is necessary to lock your ruffle into place.

You can now follow the original tutorial to finish your dress or top.  If you are making it sleeveless, you will need to utitlize the "burrito roll" method to sew your armscyes shut.  You can find that process in the Glitz (Knit) Tutorial.

This is a close up view of the inner shoulder area and two of the bodice corners.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! 

Isn't this fabric dreamy?  Lawn is a light-weight woven which allows for a nice, flowy drape.  My daughter, who normally will not wear ruffles, loved how soft they were.  She even begged me to wear it to school today.  Here is a look at the whole Simple Life Lawn Collection.

Thank you to Monaluna for sending me these gorgeous fabrics and to Hawthorne Threads for sponsoring a giveaway!!  Enter below to win $25 to Hawthorne Threads!!