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Adding the Arendelle Sleeves to Misthaven

Jane REuter


Blogger: Jane Reuter

Misthaven with Arendelle Sleeves

The Misthaven pattern has such a delicate back with those beautiful scallops.  Therefore, the outer shoulder was brought in more, compared to the outer shoulder of Arendelle, to keep it sweet and romantic.  However, it is possible to add the Arendelle sleeves to Misthaven for those colder day!  

In fact, if you didn't know already, the Enchanted collection was designed to be somewhat interchangeable.  The skirts can be swaped without making and adjustments to the pattern or length as well as the optional bows, sashes, etc.  Adding the Arendelle sleeve to the Misthaven bodice is the only modification that requires a little alteration, is super simple.

To begin, print the Misthaven pattern, the front bodice of Arendelle and the Arendelle sleeve you which to add.....long or cap.  Assemble the Misthaven pattern papers, but DO NOT cut it out.  Assemble the Arendelle bodice and sleeve piece and cut out the size you need.  Place the Misthaven pattern down and lay the Arendelle piece on top of it.  The slope of the shoulder lines will be almost identical.  However, Arendelle is wider.   Trace the top shoulder line of Arendelle onto the Misthaven papers as well as the arm curve. The arm curve maybe slightly lower than the original Misthaven piece and that is okay.  


You will now cut out your front Misthaven bodice piece with the new outer shoulder and arm curve.


Use the new Misthaven bodice piece to adjust the back bodice piece of Misthaven.  Cut out the back bodice piece.


You will now sew the pattern using the directions in the Arendelle tutorial.  Make sure to follow the step for constructing a bodice with sleeves!