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Holiday Edition: Bristol Dress with a Straight Vintage Hem

Niina Kivelä


Blogger: Amira Miles

Bristol Dress with a Straight Vintage Hem

Bristol is one of my most favorite patterns.  I love all of the skirt options and those sweet little sleeve ties get me every time!!!!  Since its release I've been dying to try a version with a straight vintage hem.  The dramatic curve of the bodice is amazing, so I definitely wanted to leave that alone.  Achieving a straight hem Bristol is actually super easy and this blog post will show you how to do it!!! 

The measurements given in the blog post will result in the following final lengths measured from shoulder to hem.

Final Lengths.JPG

When cutting the skirt pieces use the following two charts.  The first chart includes the measurements for the front skirt piece.  This will seem a little long, but don’t worry, it will be adjusted in future steps.  The second chart is the back skirt piece.

You will now have two skirt pieces.  The front skirt piece will be taller than the back skirt piece.


With both skirt pieces folded in half width wise, place them next to each other. Place the front piece on the left and the back piece on the right.  The raw edges of the front skirt piece will be next to the back skirt piece.  Make a 1/2" horizontal mark on the front skirt piece.  The mark will be made on the raw edge side of the skirt....NOT the folded side.  It will be made at the same height of the back skirt piece.  

horizontal mark.JPG

Draw a rainbow from the top folded edge of the front skirt piece to the inner edge of the 1/2” horizontal line you just drew.  


Cut along the lines you drew to create your new front skirt piece.


At this point, if you open the front skirt piece it will look like this.

LLK Christmas photos-16.jpg

Construct the bodice and sleeves as instructed in the pattern.  You will also construct the skirt as described in the pattern.  The front and back skirt pieces will be the same height at the short sides even though the front piece has the rainbow.  Attach the skirt as normal  When you gather the skirt and attach it to the bodice the front rainbow will fill in the extra space where the Bristol bodice is curved, therefore creating a straight hem on the final product!

Fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics, Nutcracker Act 1 line by Sarah Jane