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Tutorial: Using Single Fold Bias Tape to Hem a Circle Skirt

Niina Kivelä

Blog tutorial 2.JPG

Blogger: Natasha Chrismas

Hem a Circle Skirt with Bias Tape

Hemming a circle skirt can be tricky. However, Single Fold Bias Tape, can be used as a fun and easy way to finish a circle skirt.  To make it even better, it can add an interesting pop of color to the inside of the garment. Store bought bias tape works wonderfully and is the quickest method. Most Little Lizard King circle skirt patterns recommend using a 1/2’’ single fold bias tape for this purpose, such as the Sorrento Dress, Oxford Skirt, Arendelle and City Lights Skirt, but any width will do. Making your own bias tape may take a little extra time, but it also allows you to choose any fabric desired for the bias tape.  Have fun experimenting with different looks!

Unfold one side and align the bottom raw edge of the bias tape to the bottom raw edge of the skirt, right sides together.  Fold over the beginning edge of the bias tape 1/2’’ wrong sides together and pin in place.

Blog post 3.JPG

Continue pinning the bias tape around the circumference of the skirt.

Blog post 4.JPG

When you reach the starting point again, overlap the bias tape by 1/2’’ and trim.

Blog post 5.JPG

Sew along the first fold of the bias tape to secure.

Blog post 6.png

Press the bias tape down towards the bottom of the skirt, keeping the folded edge of the bias tape folded.

blog post 7.JPG

Fold it to the back to the wrong side of the skirt, repress the fold on the bias and pin in place.

Blog post 8.JPG

Stitch using a 1/8’’ seam allowance to secure. 

Blog post 10.JPG

The skirt is now hemmed, with no bias tape visible when right side out.

blog post 11.JPG

Fall Sewing Inspiration: Boston & Nottingham

Niina Kivelä



Sarah Boring Nottingham and Boston 4 copia.jpg

Pictures by Sarah Boring

Boston and Nottingham 

Fall sewing projects for little ladies would not be complete without a sweet dress and pinafore set! Nottingham Dress and Top pattern was part of our Back to School collection and the Boston Dress and Top pattern released at the height of the summer. Both styles are gorgeous on their own, but have you thought how lovely these two designs would look when paired together? These dresses turn into a completely new outfit when the Boston dress is worn as a pinafore over the Nottingham dress.  Classic, vintage, pretty and fun!

Both patterns are designed for woven fabrics. The Boston features a button up front, criss cross straps and a pretty front sash. And if your munchkin loves pockets the pattern includes optional pockets as well. 

Nottingham pattern includes simple, ruffle and double ruffle hem options and various sleeve styles from short sleeve with elastic casing (pictured) to a long sleeve with a knit cuff, just to mention two of them.

Add socks, knee highs or tights, pretty little shoes or boots depending on the weather. There are endless styling possibilities making Nottingham and Boston perfect for every season whether worn on their own or as a set!

Sarah Boring Nottingham and Boston 7 copia.jpg

Fall Sewing Inspiration: Oxford Blouse & Astoria Overalls

Niina Kivelä


Pictures by: Amber Brezinsky

Oxford Blouse & Astoria Overalls

With the change of seasons we inevitably start to think about what our little ones would like to be wearing in the coming months. Where as summer wardrobes are filled with dresses and tops & shorts sets, when cooler temperatures arrive it is time start lengthening those sleeves and pants legs!

For a mixture of classic yet cute style your girls will love to pair their Oxford Blouse with the Astoria Overalls

The pretty Oxford Blouse comes as a pattern set with the Oxford Skirt. It includes 3 different sleeve lengths; short, 3/4 and long, making it an ideal blouse pattern for a year round wear.

The trendy overalls pattern comes in two styles, shorts and flare pants. See how amazing the overalls look when sewn in floral fabric! 


Happy Fall Sewing!