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Fairytale Magic - Rapunzel

Niina Kivelä

Fairytale Magic 55.jpg

Costume and Photography: Natasha Chrismas


And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

Inspired by Tangled, this enchanting dress features puff sleeves, braided golden trims, and true to the princess look - a corseted bodice. Natasha drew inspiration from the film’s costume color palette and sweeping style as she strategically portrayed a couture look that intersects princess charm and vintage fashion.

Natasha really upped her style game for this statement piece. In fairy tale settings, fashion is full of whimsy, imagination, and dramatic charm.

To tailor this melodramatic style, she combined the Lucerne bodice, Avonlea sleeves, and Augusta maxi. She beautifully constructed these design features to give an ethereal take on a timeless style. This magnificent dress is highlighted with glowing textures and a slippery, almost iridescent fabric, incorporating bold color and an edgy, vibrant energy that makes the look more compelling.

This Rapunzel gown strikes the right balance of imagination and fashion! Natasha shows us just what happens when a bit of magic and incredible talent come together. Clearly, it is not necessary to climb a tower to look like Rapunzel!

Rapunzel can finally see the glowing lanterns!

Patterns: Lucerne, Avonlea and Augusta

Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it
Fairytale Magic 57.jpg

See our free Rapunzel coloring page featuring this beautiful costume.

Fairytale Magic - Elsa and Anna

Niina Kivelä

Fairytale Magic 60.jpg

Costume and Photography: Liz King


In the mountains of Arendelle, an icy blue gown shimmers in the morning light. This royal ensemble presents an enchanting look for a snow queen.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
And it looks like I’m the queen...
Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore...

“For the first time in forever there'll be magic there'll be fun!”

The Augusta Maxi Dress sewing pattern and a blast of icy power combines to fashion an unforgettable gown. The beautiful drape adds a brilliant pop of luxury to the sweetheart neckline. A two yard train was fashioned from an iridescent fabric, hemmed on all sides and gathered at the top, and a pettiskirt layered beneath ties the magical look together. A perfect style for saving the kingdom from winter's cold grip.

Pattern: Augusta

Fairytale Magic 64.jpg


Littlest sis was envious of sister’s icy blue gown, so Liz stitched up a coordinating Anna dress using LLK’s Siena pattern with quilting cottons for the bodice & skirt and sleeves fashioned out of remaining material from the Snow Queen’s dress. The bodice was cut in a V shape, to mimic the original dress, and detailed machine embroidery added the finishing touch to the sister set.

Thankfully this sister was not trapped in perpetual winter; she was saved by her queen sister thanks to an act of true love and her mama’s sewing machine.

Fairytale Magic has been such a wonderful opportunity to recreate our favorite princesses in a new medium. The team at LLK has provided sewing inspiration from a variety of iconic characters for your handmade designs. It’s pretty special to realize that with a little time and a lot of fabric, you can make your little one’s princess fairytale dreams come true!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the grand finale of Fairytale Magic.

Pattern: Siena

See the free coloring pages featuring the Anna and Elsa costumes.

Fairytale Magic - Aurora

Niina Kivelä

Fairytale 28.jpeg

Costume and Photography: Rachel Iafigliola


Sleeping beauty is one of the classic fairytales that captivates generation after generation. A daring adventure, love’s first kiss, and wonderful characters are a few reasons why we love this story — even though we might not be too keen on falling into an enchanted sleep.

I know you,
I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you,
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam...
Fairytale 31.jpg

In the spirit of Sleeping Beauty, Rachel created an artful masterpiece that dazzles with details and has us dreaming of true love. This star-dusted dream gown features a princess-pink Malibu bodice embellished with gold trims.

Sleeping Beauty is probably the most recognizable iconography of all the fairy tales, so Rachel tailored this design with a self drafted bust ruffle and bodice overlay to enhance Aurora’s celebrated style.

The lavish dress was fabricated with a star studded Lexington skirt that gives the dress an extra WOW factor. The skirt was completed with a beaded pearl, tulle overlay in maxi length creating a melodramatic effect. The end result felt like the storybook exploding into our world.

After the dress was hemmed, all this little princess needed was a tiara and voilà – her transformation into Aurora was complete. We will just need to make sure she stays far far away from any spinning wheels.

Patterns: Malibu and Lexington.

See the free coloring page featuring the Aurora costume.