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Tutorial: How to create a high-low skirt using the Take 5 pattern

Niina Kivelä

Guest Blogger: Amira Miles 

Blog Take 5.jpg

Hello there Little Lizard King Friends! Today we are going to show you how to create an adorable high-low circle skirt using the super comfy and sweet Take 5 pattern. Creating this darling skirt takes literally no time at all, and allows for even more versatility to the awesome Take 5 pattern.

Start by printing out the pattern, we are going to be using the larger pattern piece. Once you have the pattern assembled, use a straight edge or ruler to extend the edge lines creating a 90 degree angle.

LLK take 5 blog photo 1.jpg

Then trim off the grey seam allowances on both sides of the pattern (make sure not to cut out the waist quarter circle yet!) 

We are going to take the fabric and create a double fold with the pattern edges on both sides of the folds. We will cut a full circle from the fabric now. 

Now we are going to unfold the circle and fold it in half, it may help to press your fabric at this point to ensure everything is lining up correctly. Fold the semi circle in half to determine the center, mark this point with a pin. Unfold the quarter fold, to create just a semi circle with your pin in the middle, place fabric to the side. 

Pick up the pattern piece and cut the waist , once you have the waistcut out trace it creating a mirror image. This should leave you with a semi circle. Take your waist pattern piece and place it on the skirt piece that should be folded into a semi circle. Measure down 1.5” from where your pin mark is and place the middle of the waist pattern piece there. 

LLK take 5 blog photo 3-2.jpg

Cut out the waist on the fold, this will create the high low skirt! Finish assembling the Take 5 skirt per tutorial, and make sure to share your creations on the Little Lizard King Sewing Pattern Group on Facebook. Happy sewing!

Special Edition: Free To Be Me

Jane REuter

Free to be me blog.jpg

Little Lizard King has chosen to sponsor the organization Stand for the Silent ( for a special project we are doing.

The "Free To Be Me" project is all about teaching the girls in our lives to love who they are and be happy with themselves. It's also about teaching them to love and appreciate everyone else for who they are. Although, it is fun to design beautiful handmade clothing for our children, grandchildren, friends and customers to wear, it is more important to make sure they feel beautiful and confident from the inside out. If we can instill this in the girls in our lives, spread kindness and acceptance and additionally raise money for the Stand for the Silent organization, then this project will have been a success

Stand for the Silent is an anti-bullying organization doing just this and is saving lives every day! 

On Thursday July 27th, 2017 we will be releasing two patterns: The Free To Be Me Tee and Harem Pants.

A semi-fitted knit top with a rainbow hem in the front and back. It features both short and long sleeves.

The pants are loose fitting harem pant with optional pockets and fully elasticized waist and ankles.

As you in from our fabulous pattern testers photos, you will notice that most of the models have a word on their shirt. We created 9 different cut files of words that describe girls. The girls were all asked to identify what word represents them best and to be proud of that and celebrate it by wearing it on their shirt. The cut files (fearless, brilliant, compassionate, silly, free spirited, strong, adventurous, dreamer and creative) will also be available on the website
For the next month we will donate 50 percent of all shirt, pants and cut file sales to Stand for the Silent.

In addition, we have a free headband pattern on the website to thank you for participating. 

Our hope is that over the next few weeks, we will see you posting pictures of the girls in your life celebrating who they are. Take a moment to talk to them about what really beauty is.

Lastly, mothers, it wouldn’t hurt for you all to identify with a word as well and you share your strengths with the girls in your life. In fact share it with the boys in your life as well and help them to identify with a word that describes boys.

Thank you for helping us to make this project a huge success.
The Little Lizard King Team

And see below a video our lovely pattern tester Christina created with her daughter.

{Feature} Tent Pattern and *NEW* Mini Tent Pattern

Kari Steiger

Featuring Frolic Fabrics by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics

Surprise!!  I have been secretly working on the Mini Tent pattern so now your 14" and 18" Dolls can play too!  The Tent Pattern has been loved for years (and if you haven't made one -- it's actually a fairly quick pattern!) and deserved a little midweek feature.  I've sewn both tents up in the gorgeous and cheerful Frolic Fabrics by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics generously sent me.  Aren't they gorgeous?!  

~ Fabric Details ~

The Mini Tent is sewn in Big Love (Lime) with Tresse (Raspberry) Pole Sleeves.  The Girl Tent is sewn with a mixture of Tresse (Raspberry and Lime), Frolicking (Raspberry) Pole Sleeves, and Big Love (Lime) Ties.  The 18" Doll is wearing a Mini Magnolia in Maggie Jean on Knit (White). The 14" Doll is wearing a Mini Take 5 in Maggie Jean on Knit (White).  Also featured are the Beaufort Shorts (on girl) in Maggie Jean (Royal).

Let your child's imagination run wild with her own little getaway.  With both versions now available, she can go camping with her doll and create amazing memories.

The tents easily set up in minutes and are very portable!  The poles on the girl tent are 5' and the doll poles are 3' and are easy to store when not in use (which may be never if your girl has a say! HA!)  My daughter had me set them both up in the living room last night at bedtime so she could "camp" with her dolls.

Their new "vacation" getaway... :)

Grab your copy of the Mini Tent HERE and the Girl Tent HERE